Outdoor play

Unboxing Alien UFO toys at Rendlesham forest UFO


We have a creepy Halloween video today with lots of alien toys at Rendlesham Forest UFO. We filmed this video where an actual UFO landed, the UFO in the video is a sculpture that is based on the reports of what the real UFO looked like.


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My Little Pony Squishy Pops UK series 2

We’re in the park opening heart shapes Squishy Pops My Little Pony surprises, we love how these come in heart shape boxes. We got clear see through ponies. It’s so much fun to open toys in the park!

Watch to the end to see me playing in the park.

Playmobil party at Soho Fire station

We visited the Playmobil VIP launch party and LFB 150 year anniversary at Soho Fire station in London, there were lots of fun activities and we went inside fire engines, petting fire dogs, played with Playmobil toys, watched a Chinese lion dance,  saw fire fighter drills and fire fighter training and many different fire trucks. It was a fun day out and the party was awesome! Thank you London Fire Brigade and Playmobil x